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Sifu Joan Browne- Ireland

Shaolin Chi Kung was introduced to the Irish public by Sifu Joan Browne when she invited Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit to Ireland in February 2001.

This type of Chi Kung is different to just practicing physical gentle Chi Kung movements. This involves the physical but also the cultivation of energy and mind right from the beginning. As a result, the practitioner enters a meditative state while practicing which helps increase the flow of energy through the meridian system which in turn results in free flow movement for healing chronic pain and illness, for relaxation, for overcoming stress and burnout as well as rehabilitation for stroke and other conditions.

The free flow movements help push the stagnant chi or energy around the meridian system until it eventually clears allowing the participant good health and a feeling of aliveness, longevity and a sense of wonder and joy. This free flow movement happens in each practice session.

Sifu Joan has trained with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit for almost 20 years, she has taught worldwide and now offers courses, workshops, private consultation and reviews in her hometown of Killarney, Co Kerry, Ireland on Shaolin Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuan.

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Sifu Joan has been interviewed on OPENHOUSE RTE 1 in 2006 and more recently on Radio Kerry.

Here is the Radio Kerry Podcast from January 2018