Welcome to Shaolin Wahnam Ireland.


The school was set up by Joan Browne in 2001, following a complete cure for her back and neck injury by practising Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung. This beautiful ancient art was taught to her by world renowned Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit of Malaysia.


'With deepest respect and gratitude to Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, who gave me back my life and enhanced it in every possible way through the Shaolin Teachings'  Joan


Since then, many people have overcome various chronic and degenerative conditions in Ireland, as well as enjoying a more satisfying life. 

Shaolin Chi Kung helps enhance every area of one's life.

 If you have only ever practised Chi Kung as a physical exercise then you will be amazed at what Shaolin Chi Kung really is. It is a training of energy and mind and not just physical exercise. All the exercises are energy exercises performed in a meditative or Zen state leading to an energy flow which helps clear the meridian system. Chi Kung is one of the Chinese Therapies, although overcoming health problems is only aspect of this empowering art. It is excellent for mental clarity, vitality, a zest for life and spiritual joy.  It is a rarity to find such teachings nowadays.


Joan may be contacted:

Email: sifujoan@gmail.com

Phone: 087 12 12 249 / 064 66 85877


www.chikungireland.com is also updated specifically with courses on Shaolin Chi Kung with Sifu Joan.


www.smilefromtheheart.ie includes all the teachings in the school, Chi Kung, Tai Chi Chuan and Shaolin Kungfu as well as courses by the Grandmaster each February.