Overcoming Chronic Pain & Illness Programme 360


Overcoming Chronic pain and illness- Programme 360

lead by Sifu Joan Browne

This course will resume again September 2018


Sifu Joan Browne has trained extensively with world renowned Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit of Malaysia. Over the past 16 years, Grandmaster Wong has taught her how to help people overcome chronic pain and illness using some of the secrets of the Shaolin arts. She is also a registered psychiatric nurse.

It is her wish now to help a lot more people overcome so called ‘incurable’ illnesses and chronic pain by running Programme 360 for bigger groups in Cork, Galway, Killarney and Dublin during 2017. She wishes to help people return to good health, become pain free, become more relaxed and focused, attain inner peace as well as a zest for life again.The benefits of attending a big group twice weekly is that it helps motivation, the energy in the room is more palpable and it is a lovely safe and social setting as well, of course, being taught how to overcome chronic pain or chronic illness. This programme will focus on Medical Chi Kung and Chi Flow, although Chi Kung has many other benefits including vitality, mental clarity, internal force and spiritual joy, the last four being benefits of regular practice anyway.

What is Programme 360?

This programme is excellent for helping participants overcome long standing conditions whose symptoms are managed by medication or perhaps not being managed at all. Sometimes chronic illness and pain sufferers are advised by Western medical consultants to live with the pain or illness as best as they can. This was certainly Sifu Joan's experience.

Participants will learn techniques and skills to activate the meridian system in the body to help clear energy blockages by using gentle meditative movement. From the Chinese Medical perspective all illness and pain is caused by blocked energy. This is an holistic and empowering practical teaching. It is about turning your life around 360 degrees on many levels and helping each individual become the very best person they can.

Programme Details:

  • Participants who are accepted on the programme, must attend 2 group sessions a week, for 2 hours at an appointed time in each city and take part for 12 months as well as 15 minutes of ‘homework’ each day.

  • A contract is signed to encourage commitment to the programme as well as detailing the refund policy. This is a very serious programme dedicated to attaining good health for each participant.

    • The fee is €2500.00 per person for the year. This is the same fee that Sifu Joan paid to attend a 3 day course in Malaysia in January 2000 which ended her own suffering. Attending twice a week for a year ensures you have weekly training, support and motivation from one of the leading experts in the Shaolin teachings in Ireland.

  • The fee is refunded in total if the illness or pain is not overcome in 360 days once the participant follows the programme respectfully.

  • Your GP may confirm whether or not your illness has been overcome.

    • It is open to adults and children over 12 years old.

    • Participants must attend 90% of the programme.

    • Application deadline is May 22nd  2017 for Killarney.  If the programme is full before that date, applications will be closed. So please do not wait until that date to apply.
    • To apply for acceptance: please send the following details to sifujoan@gmail.com  
    • Full name, Address, Contact details, Date of Birth, Occupation, Details of Illness and how incapacitated you are, any medication and agreement to abide by the Ten Shaolin Laws. (see end of page).

Dates/Times and Venues:


Killarney: Gleneagle hotel, Muckross road, Killarney.

For May intake, registration will take place on May 22nd from 6pm -8pm in The Gleneagle Hotel.

Course participants will begin on Monday morning 29th at 10am and second class will be on Thursday nights from 8.30pm.

Other times will be considered depending on applications.

Tralee: will be considered once there are enough participants for a June intake.

Types of Illness:

According to Chinese medical philosophy, all illness is an energy blockage, so anybody who has been diagnosed with chronic pain or a chronic illness may apply.  However, those whose condition is very serious may need to be seen in the daily clinic on a one to one basis instead but this can be discussed on application. This is especially true for those who suffer from cancer, late stage parkinson's disease, MS and those who may be wheelchair bound.

If you do not suffer from a chronic illness or pain, but would like to learn Chi Kung please email sifujoan@gmail.com for details on upcoming weekends.

Here are some chronic conditions which have been overcome by students who have taken courses with Sifu Joan over the years.


Ankylosing Spondylitis



Back pain

Knee pain

Crohn’s Disease


High blood pressure

Meniere’s Disease


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Ulcerative colitis

Planter Fasciatis

Carpel Tunnel

Heart problems

plus many more........

If you have been suffering long term from any other condition not mentioned above, and have been diagnosed by a Western doctor, please email sifujoan@gmail.com for confirmation as to eligibility.

A mention in the Irish Daily Mail ( This programme is not just for chronic pain, it is also for those who suffer from chronic illness).

The Ten Shaolin Laws:


The Ten Shaolin Laws are moral laws aimed at helping the student in his/her personal and spiritual development. It is a requirement of the Shaolin Wahnam Institute that prospective students agree to abide by these guidelines before taking a course. They are not forced upon the student, the student accepts them because he chooses to and because he believes they are helpful to him/her in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development. If he/she breaks the Ten Shaolin Laws, despite sufficient warnings, he/she may be asked to leave the Shaolin training, not as a punishment, but because the training is not suitable for him/her.

1)Required to respect the Master, honour the Moral way and Love fellow disciples as brothers and sisters.
2)Required to train the Shaolin Arts diligently, and as a pre-requisite be physically and mentally healthy.
3)Required to be filial to parents, be respectful to the elderly, and protective of the young.
4)Required to uphold righteousness, and be both wise and courageous.
5)Forbidden to be ungrateful and unscrupulous, ignoring the Laws of man and heaven.
6)Forbidden to rape, molest, do evil, steal, rob, abduct or cheat.
7)Forbidden to associate with wicked people, forbidden to any sorts of wickedness.
8)Forbidden to abuse power, be it official or physical, forbidden to oppress the good and bully the kind.
9)Obliged to be humane, compassionate and spread love, and to realize everlasting peace and happiness for all people
10)Obliged to be chivalrous and generous, to nurture talents and pass on the Shaolin arts to deserving disciples