Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit 2018 IRELAND

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit- Killarney, Ireland 2018
February 23rd -28th 2018

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I announce Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit's return to The Brehon Hotel, Killarney, Ireland in February 2018.

Booking Info:
To book any course(s) please email Sifu Joan on Multiple courses will be offered a 10% discount on the total. 
Full payment can be made by bank transfer or paypal. A deposit of €100.00 made by bank transfer only will hold your place on any course.
Sifu Joan will book your accommodation for you, but if you change your mind you must contact the hotel yourself to cancel, which may incur a charge.

Courses with World Renowned Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit 2018

Golden Bridge Internal Force Training- Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.

Friday  February 23rd February 2018
Course:  Generating Energy Flow for complete beginners
New students to the school will learn how to relax, enter a chi kung state of mind, generate an energy flow and be well able to practice for attaining good health, vitality, mental clarity and spiritual joy after the course.
Lifting the Sky, Pushing Mountains, Carrying the Moon from the 18 Lohan hands.
This is always the foundation course for any other course if you have not already taken a course with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit or a Shaolin Wahnam Instructor. It is the basis for all other courses in the school.

Time: 5pm -8pm
Fee: €300.00 before February 10th.  €400.00 thereafter.

Saturday:  24th February 2018
18 Lohan Arts
 Divided into 3 parts practiced for Good Health, Internal Force and Spiritual Joy. This is an advanced set. The total Fee for all 3 parts is €600.00 (€200.00 each section)

(students must have completed Generating Energy Flow or other foundation Chi Kung courses with the Grandmaster or a Shaolin Wahnam Instructor.)
Time: 9am -12 midday  Part 1
Fee: €200.000 before February 10th. €300.00 thereafter.
Lunch included.
2pm -5pm   Part 2
Fee: €200.00 before February 10th. €300.00 thereafter.

Sunday: 18 Lohan Arts Part 3 and Internal Force
Time: 9am -12 midday  18 Lohan Arts Part 3
Fee: €200.00 before February 10th. €300.00 thereafter.

Internal Force Training Advanced
Selection of stance training methods.
Fee: €300.00 before February 10th. €400.00 thereafter.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday:  The Shaolin Pakua Set
It has been a while since Grandmaster Wong taught Shaolin Kungfu in Ireland. 2018 will be a wonderful exception.

This special set was transmitted to Sifu by his Sifu  Ho Fatt Nam. It was this special set that gave Sifu his enlightenment to combat application in all other sets.

Students participating on this course must be familiar with the Shaolin Pakua Set (link above) or you may also see it on the DVD which has been included with Sifu's autobiography.
9am-12 and 2pm -5pm each day
Lunch included.
Fee: €800.00 before 10th February.  €900.00 thereafter.

The Venue for all courses is The Brehon Hotel, Killarney, Co Kerry.