Shaolin Chi Kung Weekend Courses

Course: Level One Beginners
Date: March date not available 2019
Venue: Kerry (Killarney or Kilgarvan)
Times: 9.30am -4.30pm
Course Fee: €350.00
Teacher: Sifu Joan Browne
Booking: with the following info please: Name, Address, Contact details, Date of Birth, Occupation, Any medical issues/medication, Agreement to the Ten Shaolin Laws
Bookings before January 20th 2019 will benefit from a 10% discount.
€100.00 deposit secures place on course once accepted. Bank transfer details below.

What is Shaolin Chi Kung? Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese Art practiced for attaining or promoting good health, vitality, mental clarity and spiritual joy. Our lineage goes back to the Shaolin temple in China.

How is it different to other types of Chi Kung? Shaolin Chi Kung incorporates chi flow. It is a training of energy and mind not just physical exercises. This combination is what makes it powerful enough to overcome chronic pain and illness. Sifu Joan introduced this powerful chi kung to the public in Ireland by inviting Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit to Tralee in February 2001.

What are the benefits? Shaolin Chi Kung helps the student overcomes chronic pain and chronic illness e.g diabetes, arthritis, back pain, depression, fibromyalgia, tinnitus, rheumatism, sports injuries, fact chronic illnesses that Western medicine is just stabalising. It bring joy and a deep sense of wellbeing and profound peace.



Shaolin Chi Kung- The Art of Energy

It was this art that Bodhidharma taught to the monks in the Shaolin Monastery in 527AD

All students will be transmitted the skills needed to practice competently after a weekend course, a 6 week course or 6 private consultations.

The Shaolin Arts Transcend All other Arts.

Bank transfer details
Account Number: 71850227
Name of Bank:  Permanent TSB
Address of Bank: 12 Lower Castle Street, Tralee, Co Kerry, Ireland

Bank sort code: 990711
IBAN - IE85 IPBS99071171850227 (no space between letters and numbers and letters in Caps)

What students say:
Here is what participants of the Cork and Dublin weekends respectively, had to say after the course:

I completed a weekend course on Chi Kung with Sifu Joan and I can honestly say it is the best course and money I have ever spent on myself.

It was so enjoyable, I am not sure words can do it justice. I really enjoyed the relaxed and professional environment Sifu Joan provided in her teaching style and she made it overall a very simple experience and easily integrated into everyday practice.

Sifu Joan is incredibly wise, warm and patient and the weekend was a whole lot of relaxation and laughs. I already feel the benefits of Chi Kung and it is something I feel incredibly blessed to be trained in.

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting before doing the course but it came highly recommended and I have needed something.

I have been feeling very tired and stressed with a lot of anxiety coming up and already there is a difference for me.

I feel much more balanced in my energy and being. The book is amazing ‘Chi Kung for health and vitality’ by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit and I am making my through it now.

Sifu Joan’s generosity and spirit gave me a very much needed lift in my life. If you are in anyway drawn to do this course, just do it without reservation. Sinead,  HR Manager Cork

Dear Joan, thank you so much for your extraordinary patience and knowledge through out the weekend. I got doing what I have wanted for years and with the best of teachers just as I wanted.

'After brain surgery 3 years ago I felt so disconnected from I feel like myself again and am so happy' SS

'Usually after eating lunch I feel so tired while my body digests..look! Today I am feeling so good. Thank you Sifu'  Sattie, Dublin

Sifu Joan supervising correct form in her class.


The Ten Shaolin Laws are moral laws aimed at helping the student in his/her personal and spiritual development. It is a requirement of the Shaolin Wahnam Institute that prospective students agree to abide by these guidelines before taking a course. They are not forced upon the student, the student accepts them because he chooses to and because he believes they are helpful to him/her in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development. If he/she breaks the Ten Shaolin Laws, despite sufficient warnings, he/she may be asked to leave the Shaolin training, not as a punishment, but because the training is not suitable for him/her.

Required to respect the Master, honour the Moral way and Love fellow disciples as brothers and sisters.
Required to train the Shaolin Arts diligently, and as a pre-requisite be physically and mentally healthy.
Required to be filial to parents, be respectful to the elderly, and protective of the young.
Required to uphold righteousness, and be both wise and courageous.
Forbidden to be ungrateful and unscrupulous, ignoring the Laws of man and heaven.
Forbidden to rape, molest, do evil, steal, rob, abduct or cheat.
Forbidden to associate with wicked people, forbidden to any sorts of wickedness.
Forbidden to abuse power, be it official or physical, forbidden to oppress the good and bully the kind.
Obliged to be humane, compassionate and spread love, and to realize everlasting peace and happiness for all people
Obliged to be chivalrous and generous, to nurture talents and pass on the Shaolin arts to deserving disciples

All courses are satisfaction guaranteed. If at the end of any course you feel the aims and objectives have not been met, you may request a return of your full fee. Please note this applies to the end of the course only -not the middle or a few months later.


What students say:

Just a phone call to let you know that you helped me turn my life completely around. Thank you. My back pain is gone, I have a new job and life couldn't be better. Tim. Ballyvourney

Dear Sifu,

I have had Planter Fasciitis for some time and it was quite painful. The morning after our first class I could put my foot on the ground without any pain and I have not had any pain since.

Dear Sifu,

The pain is gone and the pills are gone. Francy.

Dear Sifu,

I would like to thank you very much for introducing me to chi kung. I had a wonderful weekend of peace and joy. I already feel calmer and much happier. I started my day with a morning practice and it made such a difference already! I am now looking forward to enjoying my practice regularly and smiling from the heart every day :)
Warm wishes,
PS: After six months of daily practice, here is what happened also!
Dear Sifu, I had raised levels of one of the hormones produced by the pituitary gland in the brain (prolactine). It has been raised since my thyroid problems started. I have to do blood tests every six months to check the levels of that hormone because if it grows too high there might be a risk of brain tumour. It is now level! Thank you Sifu. ( Sylwia has just given birth to a beautiful baby girl!)

Dear Sifu Joan,
Many thnks and blessings to you for giving us the privilege of your two days. To say I felt the better for it would be an understatement. Geraldine.

Dear Sifu
I have never felt so relaxed and feel like a weight has been lifted from me. Thank you for your beautiful teachings. Ann

Dear Sifu,
I have never felt so free. Many Blessings, Carol.
Please see the Testimonials page for more

Dear Sifu,
From the Internal Force class I already feel stronger, more energised, more relaxed and my mind is clearer. Thank you. Mary.

Further details of a Weekend or 6 Week course

1) To help people understand the benefits of practicing a high level art like Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung.
2) To help people learn the foundation necessary to deepen skill.
3) To help people overcome fear and anxiety.
4) To boost the immune system of each participant.
5) To empower participants to take better care of themselves holistically.

1) To be able to focus and relax in practice and life.
2) To enter a Chi Kung state of mind.
3) To tap energy from the cosmos.
4) To generate an internal energy flow.
5) To learn the best available Chi Kung for good health, mental clarity, vitality, longevity and peace of mind.

 Course Content:
1) Standing Meditation (Still Zen)
2) Regulating Energy Flow (Moving Zen)
3) Shaolin Eight Brocades/18 Lohan hands Part 1- Lifting the Sky, Turning Head, Shooting Arrows, Plucking stars, Thrusting fist with Angry Eyes, Merry Go Round, Nourishing Kidneys and Carrying the Moon,
4) Work/Life role play.

 Expected results: (on the day)
1) Feel relaxed, tranquil, peaceful and connected.
2) Experience some chi or energy flow effects e.g. warmth over the body, tingling sensations at the fingers or other body parts, movement of chi underneath the skin.
3) Be able to tap energy from the Cosmos.
4) Be able to generate an internal energy flow through the meridian system.

12 hours. (6 hours per day) Weekend.

1.5 hours per week -6 Week Course

After the Course:
Students who practice correctly after the course will find they are more relaxed and peaceful, they will feel more hopeful, confident and courageous, able to deal with stress, sleep better at night, be more compassionate, have more energy, increased mental clarity for decision making and a deep sense of tranquillity and well being.



Sifu Joan Browne is a former Psychiatric nurse in Cork, London and Killarney, she now helps people overcome chronic pain and illness as well as promoting deep relaxation, mental clarity, mental strength, internal force, vitality, personal development and wellbeing using one of the oldest forms of Chinese therapy- Chi Kung (Qigong). Overcoming pain and illness is a very basic part of Chi Kung, in actual fact it enhances every single aspect of ones life. People who practice feel more at peace within themselves, able to sleep soundly at night, have clearer minds, able to problem solve more easily, deal with stress, feel a better sense of connection, have a zest for life and know and understand themselves more deeply.

She is an inner chamber disciple of Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit (Qigong Master of the Year 1997) and is fifth generation successor to the Shaolin Temple. She has helped hundreds of people all over Ireland overcome so called incurable pain and illness in the last 15 years and appeared on OPENHOUSE on RTE 1 in 2006. She has also been interviewed on Radio Kerry and has had articles published in various newspapers in Ireland.

She is from a little town land in Scartaglen but currently lives in a beautiful woodland area of Kilgarvan, from here she runs weekly classes, weekend workshops and a private clinic for chronic pain and chronic illness..

She also teaches Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan for self defence, inner strength, personal development and increasing life skills and balance.

As well as Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuan,she enjoys Irish music ( a champion button accordion player), Irish dancing, walking in nature, gardening and growing her own vegetables, reading, ancient history and historical and cultural locations, Chinese chess, cards, baking, cooking, cinema, theatre, marketing and learning new skills.

Her vision is to build a Shaolin Wahnam Residential Centre in Kerry where people can come and stay to learn the authentic Shaolin Arts of Chi Kung, Shaolin Kungfu and Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan but most especially for those who need more full time observation and encouragement, like those attending the yearly clinic to overcome the more severe chronic illnesses of children and adults.

Here are some more comments from students:


  1. Chi Kung empowered me to take control of my life. It empowered me as a woman.  The role of a woman in modern society is challenging.  It so easy to lose ones sense of personal power i.e to lose ones confidence. When one is a  wife, mother, housekeeper, taxi driver......etc!  The one key thing most women say they have a major issue with is focus – our minds are constantly  buzzing with the lists of things we have to do and it can get very stressful this is why a lot of women find it impossible to relax at all let alone return to work or study particularly in the case of higher level jobs or university education. We put so much pressure on yourselves when we are at home we think we should be contributing financially and when we are working we feel guilty for not spending more time with our children.  Constant racing minds. Chi kung has allowed me to be calmer and more focused, to do what I am doing and to realise I cannot do everything perfectly. I am calmer  and have a lot less fear for the future I know with a calm mind I will be able to deal with the challenges modern life presents.  With Chi Kung I can juggle successfully I look good for my age physically fit, doing postgraduate study minding 3 kids one with speech delay and running a house and of course being a wife.  I would have collapsed on the spot if you told me I would have to juggle all this 3 years ago.  Chi kung has taught me acceptance to go with the flow and to stop trying to be in control which is one of the reasons I ended up with panic and anxiety.  I am a much better mother now as I am a lot calmer and more understanding of the needs of my children and help them to process their own little emotions and helping them to be prepared for the challenges of life.


  2. At a physical level, I lately surprise myself with the ease I lift and move heavy furniture around while doing house chores!  Plus, I haven’t got sick in a good, good while and although I have to juggle full time work  and  very busy evenings at my own studio working on my own jewellery, I manage stress much better than before.

    At a personal level, my interactions with people are getting smother, and although I still have to deal with difficult personalities, I seem to “read” them better, which allows me to avoid potential conflict.

  3. There is of course the added bonus of discovering aspects of myself and my true potential which I find quite amazing and encouraging.

  4. The practice of going to the Dan Tian is really good to stay centred and feel strong in situations of conflict .I have done it at meetings and on the street and it helps me to stay calm.

      5.  I know how to regain balance and knowing it comes from inside not externally means we have all the power inside us!

      6.  Practising Chi Kung, as thought by Sifu Joan Browne, has  given me many things and if I had to put it into a few words I can honestly say in my working life it has helped me greatly to focus on the task in hand and not get distracted, to block out the negative and to be tolerant of others opinions / ideas. This has led to increased productivity, so much more less stress and a happier working environment.  I no longer bring the job home.  The knock on effect has been a new lease of life in my relationship with my husband and the energy to enjoy new hobbies together.



Shaolin Chi Kung Syllabus for further study.

2. Eighteen Lohan Hands Part 2

The remaining 10 exercises of the Eighteen Lohan Hands.
Skills: To generate energy flow using form, breathing or mind.
Application: To overcome illness and maintain good health.
Philosophy: Chi kung is a cultivation of jing, qi and shen, or physical form, energy and spirit.

3. Self-Manifested Chi Movement
Forms: 3 sets of self-manifested chi movement exercises, namely Fish-Flip, Dancing Dairy, and Swallow through Clouds.
Skills: To generate vigorous energy flow using form.
Application: It is platinum-card chi kung for overcoming pain and illness, and maintaining good health.
Philosophy: How chi kung overcome illness and promote health, vitality and longevity.

4. Massaging Internal Organs
Forms: Using Separating Water, Merry-Go-Round and Nourishing Kidneys.
Skills: Massaging the lungs, stomach and spleen, and kidneys.
Application: Overcoming emotional as well as physical problems.
Philosophy: The relationship between emotional problems and blockage in respective organs.


5. . Internal Force and Mental Clarity-
Forms: Choose 2 or more of the following force-training methods – Three-Circle Stance, Lifting Sun and Moon, Horse-Riding Stance, Golden Bridge, Lifting Water and Grasping Sparrow’s Tail.
Skills: Developing internal force and mental clarity, especially for non-kungfu students.
Application: Enhancing our work and play.
Philosophy: Why not thinking of anything leads to mental clarity.

6. Shaolin Eighteen Chi Kung Techniques
Forms: 18 Shaolin chi kung exercises.
Skills: The exercises may be practiced at the physical, chi kung, martial and spiritual levels.
Application: Maintaining fitness, overcoming pain and illness, combat application and spiritual cultivation.
Philosophy: Different levels and functions of chi kung practice.

7. Cosmic Shower
Forms: Carrying the Moon or Lifting the Sky.
Skills: Generate a cosmic shower.
Application: To cleanse as well as strengthen the practitioner physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
Philosophy: The two dimensions of chi kung, namely cleansing and strengthening.

8. Shaolin Eighteen-Lohan Art

Forms: 18 exercises from the Eighteen Lohan-Art.
Skills: Generating energy flow and exploding force.
Application: Maintaining fitness, overcoming pain and illness, generating force and spiritual cultivation.
Philosophy: Difference between internal force and muscular strength.


9. Abdominal Breathing
Forms: The technique of Abdominal Breathing.
Skills: To build a pearl of energy at the dan tian.
Application: To attain peak performance in work and play.
Philosophy: The three functions of internal force.

10. Sinew Metamorphosis
Forms: The 12 exercises of Sinew Metamorphosis.
Skills: To develop mental clarity and internal force.
Application: To attain peak performance in work and play.
Philosophy: Becoming a scholar-warrior.

11. Cosmic Breathing
The technique of dan tian breathing.
Skills: To pulsate with the Cosmos.
Application: To expand the spirit.
Philosophy: The meaning and significance of jing, qi and shen, or form, energy and spirit.

12. Merging with Cosmos
Forms: Any one or two of the Sinew Metamorphosis exercises.
Skills: To expand into the Cosmos.
Application: To attain a spiritual awakening.
Philosophy: Moral development and spiritual cultivation.


If you have practised Chi Kung only as a physical exercise, then you will be amazed when you learn it as as an energy exercise. Chi Kung is training of energy and mind, not just the physical aspect.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit and Sifu Joan


The philosophy of Shaolin is profound, nurturing and enriching. It enhances life in the most basic and simple way, allowing us more freedom and joy every moment of every day- Sifu Joan

A Guideline for all students.

A.1 Objectives
Shaolin Wahnam Ireland (SWI) has as its key objectives:

1.  To provide high quality and safe instruction in the Shaolin Wahnam Art of Shaolin Chi Kung, Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan and Shaolin Kungfu

2. To promote enhanced good health, vitality, mental freshness, spiritual joy and high moral and ethical values through the safe practice of Shaolin Chi Kung, Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan and Shaolin Kungfu

All persons participating in a class or course conducted by SWI must agree to be bound by this Code of Conduct. SWI reserves the right to make amendments or additions to this Code of Conduct at any time.

 A.2 Participant Understanding

1.  Instruction in and Practice of Shaolin Chi Kung, Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan and Shaolin Kungfu is generally very safe. However, there is a risk of injury. Any person participating in a class conducted by SWI does so with the full understanding that whilst it is the policy of SWI to minimise the risk, the nature of this recreational activity prevents its total elimination. Any Person participating in a class conducted by SWI does so of their own volition and at their own risk.

 2.  In the interests of health and safety, any Person participating in a class conducted by SWI does so on condition that they exercise a duty of care towards themselves and any other participants. This duty of care may involve, but is not limited to, the Person participating safely and within their own limitations, respecting the limitations (physical or otherwise) of others, following all reasonable instructions or requests of the instructor, and ceasing practice immediately and informing the instructor if possible in the event of injury or ill-health.

 3. The Arts taught by SWI are highly valued in Eastern cultures and are intended to be transmitted to deserving persons of high moral and ethical character, as embodied in the Ten Shaolin Laws which are of a non-religious and non-sectarian nature. A requirement for participation in any class or event conducted by SWI is that the participant agrees to uphold and practice the Ten Shaolin Laws, as published on the Irish Shaolin Wahnam website ( or the International Shaolin Wahnam website (

 4. A Person must have paid the relevant fees prior to participating in any SWI activity.

5. If cancelling a booking for a course with Sifu Joan Browne, Sifu Mark Hartnett, Sifu Padraig Shanahan, Sifu Maria Sullivan or Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, it is necessary for the person to cancel at least five days before the course commencement. Later cancellations will incur non return of deposit and inability to attend later courses, unless in the case of bereavement or being taken ill.

 6. For private sessions it is necessary to ring 48 hours ahead of time to cancel an appointment. (Cancelled appointments less than 48 hours are charged at the same rate as attendance).For private sessions payment of required fee at the beginning of each session.

 7.  A Person must practice exactly what has been taught during class. It is essential that the Person do not add anything or omit anything in his/her practice at home, unless otherwise instructed by the Shaolin Wahnam Instructor.

8. It is essential for the progress of the Person, that regular practice is maintained each day.


9.  A Person participating in an SWI activity agrees to be bound by this Code of Conduct.

 A.3 Instructor Qualifications
All instructors within Shaolin Wahnam Ireland are trained and authorized by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit of Malaysia..All Instructors must have in place appropriate public liability and professional indemnity insurance. All Instructors will be bound by this Code of Conduct.

 A.4 Safety

1. Instructors will ensure that the training area is clear of any dangerous and/or sharp objects that may increase the risk of injury.

2. Instructors will have access at all times to a fully equipped first aid kit.

3.  To ensure a safe and rewarding learning experience, participants are required to follow all reasonable instructions of the Instructor with regard to personal conduct and participation in class activities.

4. During class, any person exhibiting conduct or behaviour that is deemed to be a danger to either themselves or other participants, will not be allowed to continue practicing until the Instructor determines that it is safe to do so.

 A.5 Practice Etiquette

1.  Persons must enter or leave the training area in an appropriate manner, as directed by the Instructor.

2.  Persons must address the instructor as Sifu (meaning teacher, in mandarin) unless otherwise instructed.

3.  Persons must be punctual, preferably early, so that they are ready to participate when the class commences. If arriving late, a participant must wait until the Instructor indicates that the person may join the class.

4. Food and/or drink must not be consumed by participants during class, or in the training area at any time, except as approved by the Instructor.

5.  Mobile phones, pagers and similar must be turned off during practice, except with approval from the Instructor prior to the commencement of class.

 A.6 Practice Ethics

1.  Persons must always be courteous and helpful to each other.

2. All participants agree to practice a duty of care including, but not limited to, practicing safely within their own limitations and level of competence, and within the limitations and level of competence of their training partner(s), if any.

3. Physical contact between persons who are practicing together must be appropriate to the situation and necessary for the skill development of those persons.

4.      Harassment, sexual harassment, and any form of illegal discrimination will not be tolerated.

 A.7 Practice Restrictions

1. Prospective participants must apply for entry in a class, course or other activity conducted by SWI.

2.  Acceptance of an application is subject to the Instructor’s final approval, and is dependant upon considerations such as an assessment of a person’s prior competencies, their suitability, and class size restrictions. 

3. Participants may be initially required to study more fundamental techniques or skills, until such time as their skill levels warrant the study of more advanced practices.

4. Participants are not permitted to instruct others in Shaolin Chi Kung, Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan or Shaolin Kungfu unsupervised or outside of classes, unless approved by the Instructor.

 A.6 Practice Attire, Training Equipment and Hygiene

1. All persons must wear suitable clothing to classes that is clean, safe, in good repair, provides adequate cover and protection, and permits sufficiently free movement, as advised by the Instructor.

2. Participation in some classes may involve specific requirements with regard to clothing and/or training equipment, such as the use of certain martial arts uniforms and accruements. In such cases, other types of clothing and/or training equipment may be acceptable only if approved by the Instructor.

3. Persons must not wear jewelry, watches or similar during classes.

4. Participants must exhibit high standards of personal hygiene and clean grooming, and ensure that fingernails and toenails are trimmed and clean.

5. Persons who are deemed inappropriately attired or equipped, or do not exhibit high standards of hygiene or grooming, will not be permitted to participate.

 A.7 Health Issues Prior to Participation

1. Persons should not attend classes if suffering from infectious conditions that may be passed on to others (such as the “flu”), except by prior approval of the Instructor.

2. Prior to participation in any activity, persons must advise the Instructor of any medical condition or injury, either permanent or temporary (including recent), which may be adversely affected by certain types of training. Examples of this may include, but are not limited to, blood pressure problems, cardiac disorders, neck or back injuries, diabetes, asthma, pregnancy, or the after-effects of recent illness or injuries.

3. If requested by the Instructor, persons with the above or other conditions will be required to show this Code of Conduct to their physician, and secure a medical certificate clearly stating their fitness to participate in classes conducted by SWI, along with any practice restrictions or conditions, if applicable.

4. Persons must not attend classes under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

 A.8 Health Issues During Participation

1.  A participant should cease practice immediately to receive appropriate first aid and inform the instructor if possible in the event of injury or ill-health during class. The participant should rejoin the class only after the Instructor deems it safe to do so.

2.  Class activities will be suspended immediately in the event of blood or other spillage on any part of the training area posing an increased risk to health and safety, until such time as the area can be cleaned and activities safely resumed. All reasonable precautions must be taken when cleaning to ensure contact is not made with any blood or other body fluids.


 Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan

Self Defence for Work and Life


Sifu Joan

 ' I have learned a very important lesson on this Level 1 course- How to relax under pressure, the stances are fantastic for this'. - A business man attending Sifu Joan's course in Killarney.

'The course is fantastic for feeling grounded and out of my head, I can solve problems more easily'.  Emma, Killarney

'I feel a deep sense of safety and peacefulness from the combat application' Jane Killarney.

An internal martial art practiced for self defence, good health, vitality, mental clarity and spiritual joy.
By its nature, Tai Chi Chuan is practiced to enhance everything we do in life as well as for business and work situations.
We learn to stand up for ourselves in a non aggressive way, to stay calm in times of stress, to flow with life more, using soft against hard in times of difficulty,  have more mental clarity, be able to problem solve more easily. learn how chi flow is a necessary part of life for good health, internal force, vitality, mental clarity and spiritual joy.

This course is not just beneficial for adults but also for teenagers.
We don't just talk about the 'Ten Essentials of Tai Chi Chuan' of Zhang San Feng. We experience them from the very beginning of Level 1.

The next Tai Chi Chuan Level 1 course
Venue: Killarney, Co Kerry
Date: Thursday 17th January for 12 weeks.
Time: 8.30pm -10pm each Thursday evening. Fee: €300.00 ( 10% discount if booked before January 12th 2019).

Level 1: (you can see the full Level 1 to Level 12 at the end of this section)
Each Level is 12 weeks in duration.

All levels include: Form, Force, Combat Application (self defence) and Philosophy.
Form: Grasping Sparrow's Tail (waist rotation, Immortal waves sleeves, Carrying the Pearl, Black Bear sinks Hips, Push Boat and Look through Windows)
Force: Stance Training and Footwork
Combat Application: Level 1 is simple application using Grasping Sparrow's Tail
Philosophy: What is Tai Chi Chuan?, Who was Zhang San Feng? The importance of waist rotation.

This course will be taught by Sifu Joan.

Sifu Dominic (Tralee) and Sifu Peter (Poland)
Two senior students of Sifu Joan's who were recently promoted by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.

Another course will begin in Tralee in March 2019  taught by Sifu Dominic Roche

' I have learned a very important thing: How to stay relaxed under pressure' a current student and business man, in the Killarney class after stance training of level 1.

To apply for Killarney please email with the following details:
Full name, Address, Contact Details, Date of Birth, Occupation, Any known illness/medication, any previous experience of Tai Chi Chuan or martial art  and agreement to abide by the Ten Shaolin Laws.(below)

To apply for Tralee please contact Sifu Dominic on 0877616963 and leave your name and number.

The Ten Shaolin Laws:
1) Required to Respect the Master, honour the moral way and love fellow disciples as brothers and sisters.
2) Required to train the Shaolin arts (or Taoist Arts) diligently, and as a prerequisite to be physically and mentally healthy.
3) Required to be filial to parents, be respectful of the elderly and protective of the young.
4) Required to uphold righteousness and to be both wise and courageous.
5) Forbidden to be ungrateful and unscrupulous, ignoring the laws of man and heaven.
6) Forbidden to rape, molest, do evil, steal, rob, abduct or cheat.
7) Forbidden to associate with wicked people, forbidden to do any sorts of wickedness.
8) Forbidden to abuse power, be it official or physical: forbidden to oppress the good and bully the kind.
9) Obliged to be humane, compassionate and spread love, and to realise everlasting peace and happiness in all people.
10) Obliged to be chivalrous and generous to nurture talents and pass on the Shaolin arts to deserving students.

Programme for Regular Classes

Wahnam Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan)

Level 1: Fundamentals of Taijiquan

Form: Stances. Fundamental footwork and basic Taijiquan forms.
Application: Taijiquan techniques to overcome simple combat situations.
Force: Wuji Stance, Lifting Water, Three-Circle Stance, Grasping Sparrow's Tail, Leg Stretching.
Philosophy: Dimensions, aims and brief history.


* From Wuji to Taiji, and back to Wuji.
* Movement from the waist.
* Differentiating between yin and yang.
* One-pointed mind and energy flow.
* Basic Taijiquan patterns.
* Internal force training.

Level 2: Basic Taijiquan Set

Form: “White Crane Flaps Wings".
Application: Pushing Hands and simple combat application.
Force: Induced energy flow.
Philosophy: Taijiquan for health and for combat.


* Unity of form, energy and mind.
* The principle of yin-yang.

Level 3: Techniques of Pushing Hands

Form: "White Snake Shoots Venom".
Application: Pushing Hands and Combat Application.
Force: Flow of movement, Sensing ability, Using the opponent’s strength.
Philosophy: Principles of internal force training.


* Techniques from "White Snake Shoots Venom".
* Pushing from front, left, right and back.
* Importance of good stances.
* Movement from the waist.
* Four tahils against thousand katis.
* Flowing with the opponent to overcome him..

Level 4: Tactics of Pushing Hands

Form: “Green Dragon Shoots Pearl”.
Application: Combat application from “Green Dragon”.
Force: Flowing with the opponent.
Philosophy: Difference between techniques and tactics


* Passive and active advantages.
* Tactic of continuous attacks.
* Tactic of confusing moves.
* Tactic of instantaneous counter.
* Tactic of interuption.

Level 5: Da Shou or Striking Hands

Form: “Black Bear Sinks Hips”.
Application: Combat application from “Black Bear”.
Force: Exploding force.
Philosophy: Principles of attack and defense.


* Four categories of attacks.
* The principle of safety first.
* Soft against hard, and vice versa.
* Circular against straight, and vice versa.
* Starting later but arriving earlier.

  Level 6: Cultivation for Health, Combat and Spiritual Development

Form: "Carry Tiger Back to Mountain".
Application: Combat application of “Carry Tiger”.
Force: Performing movements flowingly with force but without panting.
Philosophy: Use of Strategies.


* Strategies based on "Know Thyself, Know your Opponent".


Level 7: Flowing Water Floating Clouds

Form: Flowing Water Floating Clouds.
Application: Combination Set of Flowing Water..
Force: Solo performance as well as sparring with picture-perfect form, force and speed, but without panting.


* This set, which is probably closer in spirit and form to the original Taijiquan practiced by past masters like Zhang San Feng and Cheng.Wang Ting than many Taijiquan sets practiced today, enables us to attain good health, combat efficiency and spiritual fulfillment.

Level 8: Wudang Sword

Form: Wudang sword set.
Application: Combat application of Wudang sword.
Force: Channeling energy to the tip of a sword.
Philosophy: Principles of weapon combat.


* Safety, certainty and decisiveness.
* Avoiding strength and attacking weakness.

Level 9: Taijiquan Sabre

Form: Taijiquan Knife set.
Application: Application of Taijiquan Knife.
Force: Accuracy and and power of chosen weapon.
Philosophy: Characteristics of major weapons.


* Major weapons -- staff, knife, spear, sword, dagger, Big Knife, trident, soft whip.

Level 10: Unarmed against Armed

Form: Empty Hands Enter White Blade.
Application: Unarmed against dagger, staff and knife.
Force: Countering feign moves.
Philosophy: The principles and practice of Apparent and Real.


* "Over Bridge, Flow with Water".

Level 11: Single Unarmed against Multiple Unarmed

Form: Tiger Enters Herd of Sheep.
Application: Single unarmed against multiple unarmed.
Force: "Bamboo Man" or "Through the Woods".
Philosophy: "Back-wall battle" and "Dodge-hit battle".


* Agility, stamina and endurance.

Level 12: Single Unarmed and Armed against Multiple Armed

Form: Dodge Hit.
Application: Single unarmed and armed against multiple armed.
Force: Dodging skills and using enemy as shields.
Philosophy: "Catch the Leader First" and "Break Through the Weakest".


* Importance of mind and energy control.